Tuesday, 16 April 2013

JR Lanis helps in providing financial assistance

Alan Lanis serves as an associate in a company’s corporate practice. The name of the company he works for is Richardson & Patel LLP. They have their offices in major areas like in Los Angeles, New York, Princeton and the orange Country.  He majorly focuses on financing of venture capital, private equity and public offering.

 Details on his work

 Alan A. Lanis represents both privately and publically traded companies as well as investors in large industrial sectors. It includes real estate services, financial, energy, software and life science related issues. He was able to negotiate structure and close the transactions from buyer and seller side which includes offering of public securities, public debt, tender offers, distressed company sales and acquisitions, private transactions and all the other transactions that ranged between small commercial and lease arrangements to million dollar acquisitions.

 His journey and experience

Alan A. Lanis, Jr has been highly experienced in his field of work and has consistently shown higher results working in the firm. The customers are always satisfied with his professionalism and the way of handling things. He has an extensive level of experience in the public companies that reporting for NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies. This includes assisting them with the act of Sarbanes Oxley and other stock exchange related requirements.

Prior to working in Richardson & Patel, JR Lanis practiced law in an international firm. He was also the editor of Texas Journal of gas, energy and oil. Overall, he was a complete package with satisfactory delivery of work.

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