Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Transaction related to International business by Alan A. Lanis, Jr.

This involves several transactions like Foreign Joint ventures, Listing of Foreign Languages, Debt and Equity finance, Distribution and sales agreements, mergers and acquisitions and Chinese Joint Ventures. The firms have quite a lot of relevant experience in representing different companies of United States be it joint ventures of foreign nations and abroad companies who have joint venture business in the country.

Chinese companies and people got introduced by these law firms and they helped others in doing such transaction. Additionally, Alan A. Lanis, Jr. has vast experience in benefiting Chinese and also Korean organizations in accessing capital market of United States and at the time with offerings or making the public in the nation. The firm has been quite successful in listing the securities held by the Chinese companies on NASDAC country market. Because of the huge experience in the areas of practice it could build an expanded network of different capital resources and providers of services to help in such transactions.

The transactions conducted by JR Lanis led to opening of lot of offices in the European region and companies in Europe expanding their operational activities of United States of America. Most of the clients possess lot of interests related to business practice in Europe and others. They are also listed with London Stock Exchange for The AIM. The clientele also include manufacturing groups and provides less costly services to Mexico or China and India.

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